Selinitsa Art

Η απαραμιλλη φυσικη ομορφια της Μεσσηνιακης Μανης

Agios Nikolaos Messinia Mani Greece | +30 6972 208 516|

Having the need to share our history, culture and the incomparable natural beauty of the Messinian Mani,with respect to the identity of the area, we proudly created with loving care the Selinitsa Art Complex.

We are located in the Messinian Mani,a village called Agios Nikolaos or Selinitsa as it was named up until 1951. This picturesque fishing village was and still is the well-known harbour where local fishing boats cast anchor.  Today it still functions as a fish market where early in the morning fishermen arrive bringing their sea harvest.

Within a distance of 45 kilometres from the city of Kalamata and 250 kilometres from Athens, visitors will find our Selinitsa Art Complex in a quiet location with the view of both the mountains and the sea.  It is a complex basically built of stone and wood.